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REIKI (Usui) - Level 1 - Prerequisite for all other Reiki Training

Here's what you'll get... (PDF Welcome Packet & Usui Level I Training Course)

There are many BENEFITS within this course

  • It is the prerequisite for all other levels of Reiki training, and you cannot continue or become Certified without its completion.
  • You will receive Bonus Modules - Auras and Chakras along with Breathing & Meditation, which are not taught in your typical Reiki Courses.
  • You will also get another Bonus and learn about energy as a whole, so you can truly grasp the concept of Energy Healing
  • You will be learning "Usui Reiki" the "original" Reiki training, which was brought to us through the secret society in Japan and then to Hawaii, where it made its way into our modern world. This is what all "other or what they call modern" Reiki courses stem from and you will learn the differences and be grateful you were taught it in its original intended form.
  • This training offers you the information to decide whether or not you truly want to become a Reiki Master, because you will now have an understanding of Reiki itself and its principals. Helping you make an informed decision whether to continue your studies to become certified or not.
  • Upon completion, you will receive your Level I Completion Certificate, so you can continue your studies to become "Certified" through Level II
  • And best of all - It's Free! and Reiki Level I, is the only level that can be learned in a weekend! Levels II and III, usually run anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks

As you can see, these are just a few of the many benefits that this course offers and if you feel you would like to continue your studies and become certified as an Alternative Health Practitioner using the energy healing modality of Reiki, If you would like to continue your studies with me Sharon L. Jones, Energy Specialist, Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Alternative Health Practitioner, you have two choices, you can continue with the home study course by downloading it at the Enlightening Center's Marketplace or you can request In-person training, I offer both 1 on 1 and group training - you can contact me via text at 614-450-0944 or visit the Enlightening Center at Payment plans may be available and will be determined on a student-to-student basis. As I want everyone to be able to learn energy work and Reiki is the best place to start! You won't be sorry for investing in yourself or your future!

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