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Moving Forward Into 2020 and this New Decades Energies - CHEAT SHEET

On January 27th, at 1:21 A.M. the new energies came in not just for the year 2020, but also for the new decade for the purpose of preparing us for our journey into what some call our "NEW WORLD".

Being an Energy specialist, I have always been able to tap into energies and work and/or get information from both the Universe and Mother Earth, to assist us on various levels, so that I can share what I learn, heard or experienced with others.

With that said, I have created this free "Cheat Sheet" for you so that you are informed of the changes and what you should know and do to get in sync with the Brand New Energies and know or be aware of the "New" game rules as well.

I think it is very exciting; and I so look forward to moving into these new energies offering us a chance to move into our new world, filled with kindness, joy, abundance, prosperity and most of all love!

So come join me, if we all get in sync it will be amazing!

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