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PDF Version of Grounding & Protection For Everyday Living

Instantly Download the PDF Version of Grounding and Protection for Everyday Living for your Computer or Tablet.

6 Easy steps - That's all it takes; to be in total control of both your energies and the energies around you. This book is a step by step guide to eliminate negativity from your life in all forms from microwave and cell phone transmissions to negative people and environments. The benefits of learning these simple steps, will change your life. You will feel grounded and protected at all times. This procedure can be done within seconds, any time and any where you feel it is needed throughout your day. Considering everything now in today's world is based on electronics transmitting unseen energy through the air, hitting you in all directions, you best believe, these simple 6 steps will be something you can not live without, and you will notice a difference in your life almost immediately. So learn them and start using them today! And you'll be on your way to a more positive and abundant, healthy life. Thank you

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